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"The Technical Writing Portfolio of a Salty Ol' Sea Dog"

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COMM 490

Seminar in Technical Communications

This website is my Technical Writing Portfolio; a requirement for COMM 490. I ended up getting 100 percent on this assignment and an "A" for the class. I am taking classes via the University of Maryland's On-line Campus for a Communications Degree with a tract in Technical Writing.


Electronic Portfolio

What's a Goat Locker?

The place where all of the Navy's Chief Petty Officers hang out is affectionately called the GOAT LOCKER. It has its orgins in the days of sail when goats were kept onboard ships to provide milk for the crew. Only the most senior "Blue Hands" had the priviliage of hanging out in the goat locker. On ships, it might be a lounge or a berthing.

No other armed force has a rate equivalent to the Navy or Coast Guard Chief. Most only have two classes of service: enlisted and commissioned. Only the Navy and the Coast Guard have the distinction of having four: enlisted, commissioned, Bureau appointed Chief Petty Officer and Bureau appointed Chief Warrent Officer.

My Resume

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Something Special

Rationale for the Electronic Portfolio

This Electronic Technical Writing Portfolio represents a broad spectrum of my technical writings. These writings are mine, with the exception of two group projects. In these two group projects, the majority of the work was mine, thus I included them. I also included some of my professional writings.

This electronic portfolio was a requirement for a class I took with the University of Maryland, called COMM 490: Seminar in Technical Communications. The rational of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to showcase some of my talents for future employment opportunities within the technical writing field. It should demonstrate my grasp of the content and design of documents found in the Technical Writing field and my ability to use available technology.

This electronic portfolio showcases a wide range of writing genres and is subdivided into the following three categories.

  • Professional Writings:These are real live documents I created in my current position as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. As a chief, writing consumes about 85 percent of my work day.

  • COMM 393 Writings:These documents are postings and assignments from “Technical Writing.”
  • COMM 490 Writings:These documents are postings and assignments from Seminar in “Technical Communications.”

  • COMM 491 Writings:These documents are postings and assignments from Seminar in “Technical Editing.”

  • In her essay, “Building A Technical Writing Portfolio,” Linnea Dodson writes,

    ”A technical writing portfolio is not limited by your experience, but by your imagination. And a good imagination is one of the things employers like to see in a technical writer.”

    I definitely have a huge imagination, so we’ll see how well this endeavor turns out.

    In addition to the Electronic Portfolio contained with the COMMS section of this webpage, I have included other tabs. The Chief tab provides a little bit of information on the United States Navy’s Chief Petty Officer rank. The Bio tab provides a little too much information about yours truly. Finally, the Star Wars Fan tab highlights one of my favorite entertainment franchises of all times.

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